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Are you a newcomer to bagpiping and drumming? If so, I am especially excited about helping you to get started! You can learn to play the bagpipes and receive bagpipe, Drum and even Penny Whistle lessons from my wide range of instructional guides.

If you have any questions, I'm only an email or phone call away.
I supply pipers and pipe bands all across the United States

Here's why...
Your "passion" is Highland piping and drumming. Your performances enrich and enhance people's lives.

My "passion" as a piper and proprietor is to provide you with the very best tools of your trade, along with convenient at-home shopping and fast shipping.

Let Iowa Bagpipe Supply be your favorite source for select highland bagpipes, small pipes, electronic pipes, practice chanters, reeds and accessories. You will discover a comprehensive list of Piping supplies as well as a host of educational DVDS, books, reeds, bagpipe chanters, highland supplies, highland wear, bagpipe music books, even water bottles and rain capes, with much more to come.

I am continually on the hunt for new and better products for you, but if you can't find what you are looking for, please call or email me. I will try my very best to find the accessories you need.

Whether your goal is to learn the art of the pipes; or, to purchase one of my many piping and drumming products; I will do my very best to make your experience easy, fun and rewarding. I look forward to serving you and developing a lasting friendship.

Thank you for shopping at Iowa Bagpipe Supply.
Your business is truly appreciated.